2015 Special Olympics

The Special Olympics have given an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to compete in sporting events since 1968. The competition is held every two years and alternates between summer and winter, giving the occasion for athletes to participate in different sporting events closely related to the season.

The most recent Special Olympics were held in June and July of 2011. The following competition will take place in the winter of 2013 in South Korean, followed by the next summer edition in 2015. The 2015 Special Olympics will represent the 14th edition of the Summer Special Olympics. The Winter Special Olympics have also reached their 9th edition, soon to be the 10th.

There is quite a wait until the games of 2015, however athletes have already started practicing for their next competition. Practice and preparation is key in this situation and many men and women of various ages are given something to do that they truly enjoy, waiting for one of the most important event in their lifetimes.

The 2015 Special Olympics location will be in the United States, in Los Angeles. This will be the first repeated location since the year 1972 when the Special Olympics were also held in Los Angeles in the month of August. Seeing as the competition will be held in summer there are a few specific sports and games that will make things very hot.

Among the 2015 Special Olympics competitions there will be aquatics and sailing for some fun in the water. Cycling and equestrian for some high speed action, while basketball, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball will give a full workout and a strategy clash between teams. Other sports included will be judo, gymnastics, athletics, powerlifting, as well as bocce, badminton, bowling, floor hockey, roller skating, table tennis and golf. There will be something for everyone.

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