USA National Games

The USA National Games represent a national competition also known as the Special Olympics, where athletes from all US states compete for medals and recognition. It is an important sporting event in the history of American sports because it gives opportunities to athletes who excel both on and off the playing field. The USA National Games is a national initiative co-founded by the Special Olympics committee, Healthy Athletes, and Athlete Leadership Program. The Games offer a wonderful experience for spectators, that is why it is viewed by millions of fans.

The first Games were held in Ames, Iowa, in 2006. The competition is held once in four years. The 2010 games were hosted by Nebraska, while the Games announced for 2014 will be hosted by Princeton, New Jersey.

The National Games involve more than 3000 athletes who are competing in 14 sports just like in the Olympics. More than 1000 coaches are involved in the competition. Some of the most popular sports that compete include basketball, bowling, golf, bowling, aquatics, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, softball and soccer. Almost 3000 athletes from 50 states participated in 2010. Also, 8000 volunteers were involved, 12.000 family members and friends and over 30.000 fans and spectators.

The great thing about the Nationals is that it brings performance, professionalism and talent together in one national fair competition. The winning athletes will receive the recognition of an entire nation and win the opportunity to go to the World Olympics. Many famous world athletes have started at the National level. Also, the competition has a strong volunteer program, determining people around to get involved and help raise funds to support their favorite athletes. The USA National Games represent a great opportunity for discovering sports talents.

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